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Tried to get my wife to have sex with someone else while i watched for over a year til she finally did it…It wasn’t magical for her, the guy had a 8″ black cock but was clumsy.

I tried to talk her into trying again, but it has come to no avail. Recently we went through a period of no sex for about 2 months which is MORE than rare.

Then out of the blue she has asked if i want to watch her with another man. It all dawned on me right then that she had found the man already and that most likely if I watched it wouldn’t be their first time.

Honestly have to say, dont really know how to deal with this….what I have tried to get her to do for soooo long had become reality, and it kinda freaks me out a little. Anyone care to chat, let me know!

I DID LOVE watching her get fucked, and by such a BIG Black cock!!! Help

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